Below is a collection of topics, concepts, stories, and achievements, related to computer science, that have caught my eye.  Most are items that I interact with, follow, and research heavily.  This is not a comprehensive list.  It is simply a glimpse into my interests.


WordPress Plugins & Themes

WordPress plugins and themes are the latest challenge I have tackled.  I currently have two highly-rated plugins in the WordPress plugin repository and have designed three custom themes for sites I have worked on.  I am currently working on another plugin, and have several other ideas.

I am fond of WordPress as a jumping off point because it takes care of so much of the tedium that is part of website development.  I have written a database driven website with a homebrew CMS in the past, and the majority of the work was in developing a solid foundation.  The creative aspect of the development was eclipsed by the nuts and bolts.

WordPress, more than any other CMS I have tried, covers the fundamentals and allows developers to geek out without being bogged down.



I took a computer science class that involved using the Linux operating system.  Since then, I’ve been obsessed.  The relationship has been love and hate.  It’s had ups and downs.  But Linux is intriguing.

So intriguing that I’ve toyed with the idea of running a Linux blog.  I even went so far as creating the site and writing 30 articles and a small eBook.  I doubt I’ll double-down on the blog and take it on seriously.  But it is nevertheless indicative of the hold Linux has on me.

As an engineering student, I can’t completely abandon Microsoft Windows in favor of Linux.  And if I could, I doubt I would.  But I have adopted Linux for servers and other uses, and almost always have a Linux partition and several Linux virtual machines on my computers.